Fontecchio’s La Bella Vita Italian Hot Sauce - 2 Original & 2 Sofia's Temper

Fontecchio's Gourmet Foods

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La Bella Vita Original and Sophia's Temper Hot Sauces are infused with the great flavors of Italy. You’ll want to keep a bottle on the kitchen table to dash on sauce-based dishes, meats and even eggs. It’ll add just the right amount of tang with a blend of traditional Italian herbs like oregano, basil and parsley. La Bella Vita also pairs well with soups, sandwiches and, of course, pizza.

  • A delicious blend of herbs and spices
  • Spice up your day with a dash on any dish
  • Enhances the flavor of pizza & pasta
  • Shake on sandwiches for added flavor


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Type: hot sauce