About Fontecchio's Foods

"I am fortunate to have been exposed to amazing Italian food all of my life. My products are inspired by a lifetime of these experiences. I am also inspired to create healthy products using the latest nutritional science and manufacturing processes."

P.J. Fontecchio

The La Bella Vita Hot Sauce recipe was born when Lodi, Wisconsin resident and local pizzeria owner, P.J. Fontecchio, wanted to offer his patrons an authentic Italian condiment.  Now, it’s a customer favorite and always found on the tables at PJ's Pizzeria located in the heart of Lodi. An appropriate origin for the unique hot sauce, the village of Lodi boasts an Italian heritage and its name comes from the province and region in Italy.

P.J.’s passion for all things Italian started from a very young age when he experienced the delicious flavors of his first-generation Italian American grandmother’s recipes at the family’s local restaurant. Fast-forward many years later and having a successful career as a pizzeria owner and chef, P.J. decided to turn his passion for the perfect condiment into a business. Fontecchio’s La Bella Vita Original Italian Hot Sauce was born! 

As an avid entrepreneur, P.J.’s creativity is endless. Whether it’s new sauces, fine recipes or getting back in the kitchen for the benefit of family and friends, his boundless enthusiasm and drive are what you’ll see as he continues to make his mark on the world gourmet dressings and sauce stage.

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